LETTERS: Readers speak out on Trump, guns, schools

December 4, 2016 GMT


Donald Trump won the electoral vote on Election Day, but Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, which is increasing as it is being counted. The election won’t be over until the Electoral College meets and votes on Dec. 19. Secretary Clinton is much more qualified than Trump, as she has been involved in public policy since she was First Lady of Arkansas, and was a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

Donald Trump has shown himself to be totally unfit to be president of the United States, for multiple reasons which readers of this paper should know. Texans who voted for Hillary or don’t like Trump should try to find out who their electors are, and how to contact them, and urge them for vote for Secretary Clinton for president on Dec. 19.

David Ott, Beaumont



We have had far too many moments of silence since the Sandy Hook tragedy on Dec. 14, 2012. Our children and community deserve real action to stop the epidemic of gun violence in our country. We’re not alone and we’re not helpless. There are many seemingly simple, yet powerful things we can do today!

More and more of our neighbors are uniting to bring the change we need. The phones in Congress are ringing off the hook with calls for common-sense gun reform, peaceful rallies are growing in numbers in cities across the country, and families and friends are gathering together in their own living rooms to talk about bringing violence prevention programs to their schools. The movement is growing and we must keep growing it.

There is reason to have hope that we can prevent gun violence before it happens through sensible gun safety laws and programs in our schools and communities that help us identify the signs and signals before a shooting happens and intervene.

To keep this hope alive and bring the change we need, I am asking everyone to take two simple actions today. First, call your member of Congress and ask that he or she support gun violence prevention legislation to keep guns out of dangerous hands. Secondly, Make the Promise at www.sandyhookpromise.org and help bring Sandy Hook Promise’s no-cost, violence prevention programs to our schools and community.

Rebecca Tobin, Beaumont



In order for Texas to build a world-class education system, we must empower local communities to make their voices heard in the policymaking process.

That’s why Texas Aspires, a bipartisan organization of education and community leaders has been crisscrossing the state on a back-to-school tour, visiting with parents and educators about the challenges facing local schools and the changes necessary to improving our P-16 education system.

In Beaumont, we had productive conversations about improving teacher quality, driving innovation, teaching vital life skills, advocating for local control and re-evaluating our school finance system.

These themes, echoed in our visits across the state, are the building blocks of reforming education in the coming legislative session and will inspire every conversation we have with state lawmakers

With the legislative session around the corner, we’re eager to take the feedback heard in Beaumont to the state capitol and advance public policies benefitting all Texas students, no matter their race, ethnicity or zip code.

We’re thankful to those in Beaumont who visited with us and encourage you to stay connected by visiting www.texasaspires.org. Together we can blaze a path of innovation and ensure students’ academic success. Establishing a pathway to excellence for all Lone Star students is something we can all agree on.

Courtney Boswell, Austin


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