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Williston Force Portable AC Reviews – Is Williston Force Air Conditioner Legit

August 3, 2020 GMT

Syosset, NY, United States, August 3 2020 (Wiredrelease) SABA COMMUNICATIONS INC : Williston Force Portable AC is a light weight, personal air cooler that you can use both as a fan as well as an air conditioner that blows cool air your way. It is compact which makes it easy to shift from one room to another and it doesnt come with a mess of wiring. Instead, you get a micro USB cable to charge the appliance. Armed with an in-built air filter, this air cooler is great for indoor use as it filters any unclean air and dust particles, blowing only clean and tidy, cool air your way. Get Williston Force Portable AC from the official website here!

Is the heat worrying you again? Truth be told: its hard to survive the summers and every time it arrives, most of us end up worrying how to live through the hot months. But an air conditioner can help you survive, isnt it? While thats true, air conditioning comes with its demerits as well including limiting you to the room it is fitted in and increasing the digits on your electricity bills. Lucky for you, theres a solution to this as well and it comes with the following name: Williston Force Portable AC.


Williston Force Portable AC Review: As per the official website, this portable air conditioner is an excellent alternative to traditional air conditioners and good relief for surviving the summer months. The best part is that the air cooler is presently available at a discount of almost half its price, which makes it reasonable to purchase. On top of that, your purchase is also protected with a money back guarantee.

In contrast with an AC, this device is portable, easy to set up, and simple to maintain. In fact, it does not require any professional assistance for installation and maintenance. You can do it all yourself without much effort. Whats more, the compact design and light weight of this solution makes it easy to move from one room to another.

According to the specs mentioned on the official web page, Williston Force air conditioner is packed with 3 fan settings, so you can alter the blowers setting as per the days temperatures. This also makes this appliance suitable for use for people of all ages. For instance, a toddler and senior can use this air cooler at a lower fan setting. Or, a young person can use it between medium to high fan setting.

Williston Force AC is also backed with several positive customer reviews. These proof that people trust this appliance so much that they care to leave a good review for them. It also adds social proof to the mix: if there are other people speaking positively about it, you might as well give it a try. Visit the official website here to learn more.

What Makes Williston Force AC Unique?


There are tons of air coolers out there, but what differentiates Williston Force Portable AC from the rest is its quality of moisturizing the air.

Unlike traditional fans and air conditioners that make your skin dry, this air cooler moisturizes the air. This prevents your skin, nasal passages, and eyes from drying and becoming irritated.

How to Use Williston Force Portable AC?

Using Williston Force Portable AC is pretty simple. Follow these three steps for using this air cooler:

Fill in the water tank with water. Pour it directly into the top of the unit

Insert the replaceable water curtain. This is pretty simple and, for your information, each water curtain lasts easily for 6-8 months

Turn on the device and you are all good to go

These steps prove that the air cooler is simple to set up and use. It does not require any extra help for maintenance too. Get Williston Force AC from the official supplier here.

How To Take Care Of Williston Force AC?

Williston Force Portable AC does not require an external servicing. Its size makes maintenance all the more easy. That said, you need to keep two things in mind for taking care of this device.

Firstly, the water curtain lasts for 6-8 months, so you need to be mindful about replacing it after every six months.

Secondly, always keeps the appliance charged. This wont be tough considering the fact that you can charge it in any room, thanks to its micro USB cable.

Notable Features

Williston Force Portable air conditioner shows some noteworthy features that make it worth the investment. These are:

No noise tech

This means you wouldnt need to compromise with noise that most air cooling systems including air conditioners emit.

Built in air filter

This air filter helps to remove any dust or other particles from the air, making the air cooler a good fit for indoor use as it blows cool as well as clear air your way.

Adjustable fan setting

You can choose from three fan settings of low, medium, and high and enjoy the fans cooling as per the days temperature.

Simple use

Setting or using this air cooler is no rocket science. You can start anytime without any external help.

Transparent water tank

This is another benefit thats hard to ignore. Since the water tank is transparent, you can easily track how much water it contains and when youd need to refill the tank.

Doubles as a fan too

Another plus is that you can use this air cooler as a fan as well as an air cooler. Which means you can use the appliance in autumn too.

Also check out Williston Force Portable AC customer reviews. Does it really work as advertised? Find out more here!

How Is Williston Force Air Conditioner a Good Alternative To Air Conditioning?

Williston Force air conditioner is a great alternative to air conditioners for two main reasons: its portability and money saving aspect. Heres how:

This air cooler is portable as it is devised for personal cooling. This means that you can move it from one room to another and even use it for cooling in the kitchen. All this is not possible with an air conditioner.

With an AC, you are only limited to a room that everyone has to share if they want to survive the summers. This is not the case with the air cooler giving it points above an AC.

At the same time, an air conditioner comes with several expenses, which is not so in the case of the air cooler. An AC requires investment for installing and setting, maintenance, as well as increases your electricity bills significantly.

This is not the case with the Williston Force air cooler. It saves you money at the set up, maintenance and does not cost you a lot in electricity bills. In fact, when you use this cooler at a low fan setting, you might as well save some amount in the power thats consumed.

Where to Buy Williston Force Portable AC, Pricing and Refund Policy

Fortunately, Williston Force Portable AC is up for grabs at a discounted pricing currently on the official website here. If you choose to buy over two units of the cooler, you can save more of your money. Here are your available options:

Get a solo air cooler for $89.99, which is reduced price from the original price tag of $138.45

Buy two air cooling units for $179.98 instead of $276. 98

Get the Threes Company Pack for $202.48 only. Originally, you can get three units for $415.34

Buy a Mega Cool Pack for $247.47 instead of $553.78. The deal gives you 4 units of the air cooler

The best part is that there is a money refund policy in place. You can return your unopened package within 30 days of ordering. Consumers are advised to read terms and conditions before ordering.

Williston Force Portable AC Reviews: Final Verdict

All in all, Williston Force Portable AC might be a helpful solution for beating the heat. It is easy to use and its size and weight make it easily portable from one room to another. What is more, you can easily tweak the fan setting to your preference. Interested consumers are advised to visit the official website here to learn more.

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