Women’s caucus emerges in New Mexico Legislature

February 12, 2019

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Female legislators in New Mexico are forming a women’s caucus to leverage their growing numbers and influence.

Democratic state House Rep. Andrea Romero of Santa Fe said Monday the group includes lawmakers from both major political parties and is designed to push for reforms that can help women, children and families.

More details about the alliance’s agenda will emerge as it approves bylaws and confirms officers.

In November elections, 31 women won election to the 70-seat state House of Representatives. That’s a stark change from 1973, when there were none.

Among Democrats in the House, women now outnumber men. The governor’s office passed from one female governor to another last month.

Men outnumber women 34-8 in the state Senate after the governor’s appointment last month of Antoinette Sedillo Lopez.