Commissioners delay Red Rock Canyon housing development

April 18, 2019

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Plans for a 3,000-home development overlooking Red Rock Canyon west of Las Vegas have stalled pending federal approval for a roadway to the site.

Clark County commissioners Wednesday rejected consideration of the preliminary plan for the mixed-use development that’s surrounded on three sides by the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, saying the Bureau of Land Management needs to first decide on an application for a right of way.

Commissioners had approved a timeline in 2011 for the project by Gypsum Resources LLC, stipulating that the federal agency’s approval was required before the county would review plans.

The developer requested the county to consider the plan before the federal approval, noting that it would not offer entitlements or rights to build. The development is proposed for about 3 square miles (8 square kilometers) on the site of a gypsum mine.

“Go to the BLM and get the right of way in order to build the project, and then come back to the county and we’ll consider all the other issues with the project — from environmental concerns to drainage concerns to getting utilities up there,” Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones told the developer.

The developer submitted a revised application to the federal agency for a right of way in 2017, and it submitted a draft environmental document last January, project spokesman Ron Krater said. The developer has spent about $500,000 over four years on the process, he said.

“So I think the time spent between now and getting the right of way would be better spent engaging with this commission and trying to develop a plan that is acceptable to them,” Krater told the Las Vegas Review-Journal .

The group Save Red Rock is opposing the development, calling for continued preservation of the conservation area. They demonstrated outside the county commission meeting.

“Red Rock needs more space to breathe,” said Heather Fisher, the group’s president. “We need a place to get away from the city.”

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