Minnie Driver didn’t think son was cute baby

March 13, 2017 GMT

Minnie Driver thought her son was an “unattractive baby”.

The 47-year-old actress admitted young Henry, now eight, wasn’t a particularly cute tot and even used to reassure her friends that they didn’t have to compliment him on his appearance.

She admitted: “He was a very unattractive baby.”

And she also told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that she used to tell people: “You don’t have to tell me that he’s beautiful because I know he’s not, but I love him.”

But the ‘Good Will Hunting’ actress, who has raised Henry alone, is very proud of her son and thinks he is a “brilliant” musician.

She said: “He’s quite a brilliant musician.

“He plays the piano and he sings and he’s just learnt ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay and he plays music like Elton John.”

Elsewhere on the show, Minnie opened up about her three-year romance with Neville Wakefield, who she first met as a teenager and then reconnected with him 15 years later.

She said: “He was a really good friend of mine’s boyfriend and he and I became really good friends and they... it didn’t work out and then he married somebody else and we had this whole life in between.”

And the British beauty quickly recognised him from behind as he walked by her on the beach, despite not having seen him for so long.

She noted: “And that was it then really.”

The ‘Sleepers’ star previously admitted saw was disappointed her father Ronnie, who passed away in 2009, never really got to know Neville as her boyfriend but she knows he would have approved of him.

She said: “I was always sad that my dad was never gonna know the guy I would end up with, because he passed away, but dad loved Neville.”