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Jerry Davis: Two area public ranges set for rifle sighting

October 20, 2018

The two local ranges, Yellowstone Wildlife Area near Blanchardville, and Columbia County Range near Portage, will be open for deer hunters to sight guns. Yellowstone has been closed due to damaged roads and surrounding areas from recent flooding.

This range is likely to open within a few days, but check with the Yellowstone State Park (608-523-4427) or the Department of Natural Resources webpage, shooting ranges, for up-to-date progress on repairs to berms and roads. The range was flooded, leaving standing and running water and berm damage from mud slides.

A list of rules to be followed at these ranges appears on the DNR website and on signs at the ranges.

Generally, shooting is not permitted from sunset to sunrise.

Shooters should collect and properly remove or dispose of all spent shell casing and cartridges, live ammunition, targets, arrows, bolts, and other materials brought onto the range.