Specialty recycling center opens in BHC

February 26, 2017 GMT

BULLHEAD CITY — Jason Vorwerk’s job is under pressure and he likes it that way.

Vorwerk is operations manager for Cylinder Depot Incorporated and a certified fire extinguisher technician whose job it is to safely handle compressed gas cylinders for recycling.

The specialty recycling company recently opened its Bullhead City location at 2730 Miracle Mile.

“When you think about items for recycling that are taken somewhere to be broken down into their recyclable components, we are that process for compressed gas cylinders,” said Jason Duchene, CDI director of sales.

The business requires specialty certifications and licensing for collecting, transporting and handling many hazardous materials, he said. The Bullhead City location joins the company’s other recycle yard locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

In addition to fire extinguishers and foam tanks, the company recycles oxygen, propane, acetylene, argon, butane, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, CNG and CO2 tanks, analyzed gas, glue and adhesives, Mapp Gas, refrigerants, scuba, forklift and water filter tanks, as well as horizontal tanks and light bulbs.

“We can recycle nearly any kind and any size compressed gas cylinder,” Vorwerk said.

Recycling the components keeps the items out of the landfills, Duchene said. The location’s six employees are trained in the process to safely deconstruct the cylinders for their recyclable parts.

“First we sort them by type of cylinder and then whether or not they are pressurized,” Vorwerk said.

A sealed, closed system machine made in Italy extracts the dry compound and the cylinders are further sorted by metal type.

“We also break down the valves, which can contain brass, copper, steel or aluminum components,” Vorwerk said.

Fire extinguishers in good shape are recertified.

“The process is good for the community, good for the city and good for the company,” Duchene said. “We believe in recycling.”

Brian Ogier founded the company in 1999, recycling compressed gas tanks and other associated products. In 2010, the company changed its structure and incorporated as Cylinder Depot.

“The owners of the company live here,” Duchene said. “With recycling yards in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona, they could have put this anywhere and they put it here. I think it says a lot for how much they like the area.”

The company gave away 52 fire extinguishers in October during the Bullhead City Fire Department Fire Prevention and Life Safety Fair at Community Park.

“It felt really good knowing those families are safer than they were the day before,” Duchene said.

The company does not accept hazardous waste and poisonous gas cylinders. For more information go online to www.cylinder

depotinc.com or call 928-744-0685.