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Text of Sejm Address by New Prime Minister With PM-Poland, Bjt

August 25, 1989 GMT

WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ Text of the parliament address Thursday of Tadeusz Mazowiecki shortly before his election as the first non-Communist prime minister in the East bloc. The speech was taped from state television and translated by The Associated Press.

Mr. Speaker, High Chamber.

I want to form a government capable of acting for the good of society, the nation and the state. Today such a task can be undertaken only by a government open for cooperation of all forces represented in parliament and based on new political principles.

The history of our country is accelerating. It has happened due to a society which does not agree to continuing life as it has been until now.

One has to return to Poland the mechanisms of normal political life. The transition is difficult, but it does not have to cause shaking. On the contrary, it will be a path to normalcy. The principle of struggle, which sooner or later leads to elimination of one’s opponent, must be replaced by a principle of partnership.

We will not pass from the totalitarian system to democratic one in any other way.

The current philosophy of the state must be changed. It cannot take care of everything and guarantee everything. It should facilitate and regulate activities. The most important role for the government and administration at this moment is opening possibilities for common actions and individual actions.

I want to be the prime minister of all Poles, regardless of their views and convictions, which must not be a criterion for dividing citizens into categories.

I will undertake efforts so that the principles of constructing the government will be clear to all. I am especially obliged to do that for Solidarity.

Helpful will be the understanding of the church, which has always stood in defense of human rights and has felt the worries of the nation as its own. The church was and is a stabilizing force in Poland.

The future government must be truthful to society. It must also create mechanisms which will allow it to hear the voice of public opinion. We will pass certain problems to its judgment.

If sacrifices are necessary, all must know their sense, understand them and be able to express their opinions on the problems occurring.

High Chamber,

The most important issue for society is the condition of the national economy, which now has to be considered critical.

How bad it is and why - already everything has been said about it. The problem is how to get out of it.

I am fully aware of the great effort that repairing the economy will require of the new government and everybody.

The long-term, strategic goal of government’s activities will be restoring to Poland economic institutions long known and tested. I understand by this a return to a market-oriented economy and a role for the state similar to that in economically developed countries.

Poland cannot afford ideological experiments any longer.

Any changes, on which the nation’s prospects and citizens’ welfare depend, are blocked today by inflation and the lack of an economic balance manifested by poor market supplies and queues, a state budget deficit and an unbalanced balance of payments. Restoring equilibrium and stifling inflation is a task of utmost economic importance, as well as political and social significance.

Disequilibrium and inflation, increasing social tensions, can undermine the Polish march to freedom. With high inflation there can be no discussion about creating normal working conditions for the nation, on which its material existence mainly will depend.

The government, sensing an absolute and urgent need to challenge inflation, will prepare a package of required measures, utilizing what has been tried so far in Poland and in other countries, as well as by referring to the experience of international experts and financial organizations.

We will start without delay demonopolizing the structures serving the food market, the excessive growth of which is one of the causes of high prices and halting rural development.

Struggling with inflation and restoring market balance has always and everywhere been risky for government and painful for society. Keeping in mind the effectivness of the anti-inflation operation, the government will do everything to make it as painless as possible. One cannot promise, however, that it will not be felt at all. Nobody responsibly can make such an offer.

Poles themselves have to solve Polish problems. Our own ingenuity, work and patience - our own effort - will determine our success.

This does not mean that we are doomed to be alone in this difficult undertaking. The world is watching the transformations taking place here with sympathy and hope. The government will aim energetically at obtaining as much economic support for Poland from the international community as possible, in all possible forms, according to existing procedures and customs.

We will not apply for privileges denied others in a similar situation to ours. We will, however, expect the maximum possible support of our efforts to cure the economy. Governments by themselves do not create economic success for their nations and do not alone end economic crises.

Many a government by stifling the initiative of citizens and trying to direct everyone and everything effectively overpowered the country economically. However, there have been and there are governments that release the economic energy dormant in talented and diligent people.