Registration Fee Will Not Help Some Cities

April 3, 2018

Editor: The Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for maintaining the roads and bridges that Luzerne County owns. The majority of the county roads and bridges are in boroughs and townships that handed them over to the county during the Great Depression because the municipal governments were unable to maintain them. Last year, Luzerne County tried to implement the $5 registration fee for residents to pay for the county roads and bridges. The resolution was removed from voting because I told the Hazleton mayor and city council this discriminates against the city and its residents who have no benefit from paying this fee towards roads and bridges they would never travel on. I ask the city residents of Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Nanticoke, and Pittston to email and call their respective mayors to tell them the city residents and the cities oppose this state-sanctioned discrimination against them and will fight it in court if necessary. The cities would receive nothing from the $5 registration fee for repairs and paving of the city streets. The city residents in Luzerne County already pay for the gas tax and for the vehicle registration fee to PennDOT so why pay an additional charge to one local government entity when there’s nothing in it for the cities to serve their residents? Mark Rabo HAZLETON