HFD considers tire fire at Po-Boy’s to be suspicious

March 30, 2019 GMT

HUNTINGTON — The tire storage fire at Po-Boy’s Used Tires in the 900 block of Hal Greer Boulevard on Thursday morning is being treated as suspicious, according to the Huntington Fire Department.

However the cause of the fire is still unknown. The fire sent black smoke billowing over the neighborhood.

“We received the call around 7:38 a.m. regarding (a fire) at Po-Boy’s that included two trailers and a storage facility,” said Huntington Fire Chief Jan Rader.

Rader said the two trailers and storage facility were full of tires, making the fire


more difficult to extinguish.

“Tires are hydrocarbon, so it causes a lot of extra problems,” Rader said. “It’s difficult to fight with just water.”

Rader said there was a tower truck in the air fighting the blaze from above, while several other firefighters attacked it on the ground.

“We have foam on scene,” the chief said. “We had some foam that we don’t throw very often, so we called on our neighbors in Barboursville, and they brought us a truck full of foam as well.”

Rader said crews extinguished the f ire with just water, but foam was used to prevent rekindling.

Rader said tire fires are typically very hot and the vapor coming from them is toxic to breathe.

“We also have the water quality board on scene checking the runoff from this fire because we are dealing with hydrocarbons,” Rader said. “So far, they said that everything is going to be safe for the city, water-wise.”

Electrical workers were also on the scene to disconnect lines exposed to the blaze.

“We had some electric lines compromised as well,” she added.

Rader said the Huntington Fire Department was also on the scene of a kitchen fire in the 1300 block of Hall Avenue.

“So we had two fires going on simultaneously,” she said. “Firefighters got an excellent knockdown on the kitchen fire and were quickly able to respond over here.”

No injuries were reported at either fire, according to Rader.

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