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Blaux Portable AC Reviews – Is Blaux Air Conditioner Legit?

June 16, 2020 GMT

Syosset, NY, United States, June 16 2020 (Wiredrelease) SABA COMMUNICATIONS INC Blaux Portable AC is a remarkable, space saving air conditioner that is easy to operate and can be optimized as per your cooling requirements. You can easily move this split cooling system from one room to another to keep the entire apartment in a good atmosphere. The best part is that it does not require any installment which means that you can use it without needing the help of a technician.

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The top-end system makes sure that dust and germs are removed from the air before it is blown out. Hot air is removed from the room through another hole. If youre looking for a convenient cooling system, this portable split air conditioner is a good choice.

Blaux Portable AC Review: Summers are in full swing and keeping sweat at bay is definitely your first priority. To cool yourself up you can either install an expensive air conditioner or you choose to go for another air-cooling device. Now there are several of those available as well, but normally people avoid them. Why? Because:

Theyre so noisy, theyre disturbing

They dont cool the room properly enough

They are often so big in size that they arent *actually* portable

Theres the deal of plugging the device in and out repeatedly

Is there any better option? Yep, you can go for Blaux Portable AC. This is an air-cooling system that is cordless, actually portable, chargeable, easy to control, and cools the room for a good time. This device has three different settings of the fan which you can optimize as per your requirement.

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Noteworthy Features Of Blaux Portable Air Conditioner:

There are several great qualities of this air cooler which show why it is a good idea to go for it. Take a look at what features make the Blaux Portable AC stand out:

1. No installation required.

In the case of a typical air conditioner, the help of a technician is required for installation. This air cooler does not require you install it. In fact, it comes assembled so you dont have to do anything and can use it immediately.

2. Stellar filter system.

There is a special filter system installed in this machine which ensures that before air enters your room it is cleaned of germs, leaves, dust, and different particles. This means that you breathe in filtered air that leaves a pleasant moisture and freshness in the room.

3. Easy to clean.

Another reason why this portable air conditioner gains points over the traditional one is that it can be cleaned easily. You dont have to put in much effort as is required in the case of typical air conditioners. Since it is smaller in size, cleaning it is quite convenient.

4. No noise technology.

In the case of other air coolers, there is often a mechanical sound that is produced when the machine is at work. This is not a problem that accompanies this air cooler. The noise that accompanies is never louder than 40 decibels which allows you to concentrate on work and enjoy restful sleep.

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5. Portable cooler.

The size and ergonomic carrying handle of this machine make it easy for you to haul it from one room to another. This makes sure that your entire house can be cooled in humid or hot weather and you dont need a separate device for each room.

6. Speed fan setting.

There are three settings of the speed fan enabling you to cool the room to your desired level. Lowering the airflow will also reduce power consumption while comfortably cooling up the room. Whereas when its quite hot, you can blast the cooling to max.

7. Mood lightening.

The machine also has a mood lightening system for when you turn off all the lights and need just a wee bit of glow in the room. This is quite a fascinating feature of this product which makes it score some extra points over its alternatives.

How Does Blaux Portable AC Work?

The plastic casing of this device has some metal parts for fitting. We could further discuss the components, but you can check those out on the product. What you should know is how this device even works. First of all, youre supposed to keep it charged. You dont have to plug in a cable to use it. You just switch it on and optimize the settings.

As the Blaux Portable AC blows out 2.7m/s of refreshing air, it chills the room instantly. The device basically has two holes. One of these blows unclean and hot air out the room. Through the other hole, air enters in the machine where it is cleaned thanks to the filter system. Some of this air is cooled and blown into your room while the unclean bit of it returns out through the other hole.

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Setup is easy. Here are some steps youd have to follow:

Pour water in the tank Adjust the replaceable water curtain which is durable enough it lasts for 6 to 8 months Turn on the air conditioner

When the product needs charging, the device will alert you and it will also alert you when the device is fully charged. This indication is given by means of the LED ring of the portable machine. Please note some features of the product and its working may differ depending on which model you choose.

Where to Buy and How Much Does It Cost?

This portable air conditioner is available for purchase only on the official website: heres the link It is not available at your local stores or on Amazon. As for pricing, you get:

1 unit for $89.99

2 units for $179.98

3 units for $202.48

4 units for $247.47

For more discounts and promo codes on top of these low prices, visit the official website here.

Money Back Guarantee

There are enough positive customer reviews for you to have faith in your purchase. However, theres still a money back guarantee that backs your purchase of Blaux air conditioner. This guarantee lasts for 30 days.

Final Verdict:

Blaux Portable AC is an innovative air conditioning system that works effectively to cool different rooms as it can be easily moved. The chargeable and cordless machine is easy to operate and has three fan settings. It works for a good duration and keeps the atmosphere pleasant for a good time. The powerful filter technology installed makes certain that you get not just cool, but clean air. Get it today for a discounted price while supplies are available.

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