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Rosies honored by veterans group

December 17, 2016

Sun City’s Rosie the Riveters chapter was honored by a statewide veterans organization for the group’s continued efforts more than 70 years after its members’ wartime service.

The Veterans Memorial Leadership Council recognized the group’s members with roses during its Nov. 16 luncheon at the Biltmore. The Rosie the Riveter chapter includes women who served the country during World War II in various occupations, including munitions and aircraft factories.

The group was also honored on Veterans Day when General George S. Patton’s granddaughter, Helen Patton, presented Sun City member Happy Sargol the General Patton Award at the General Patton Museum in California recognizing the group’s efforts.

The Sun City group was chartered in January 1999 under the leadership of Ms. Sargol, 93, who remains an active member, according to Barbara Meegan. There are currently 283 members of the Sun City chapter, she added. Linda Lundberg is the group’s current president.

“The Rosies meet the first Tuesday of every month from September to May at the Royal Cafe,” she said.

Rosie members conduct a number of activities to promote patriotism, including going to schools and libraries, serving as a “human book” to share oral histories of World War II. Female descendents of Rosies are also remembered — they are called Rosebuds, according to Ms. Meegan.

The Rosie chapters, including the Sun City group, support the Honor Flight program, providing veterans trips to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials there, and meet other veterans from across the nation. The Rosies also give financially to support the country’s memorials.

The Sun City Rosie the Riveter chapter hosted a booth Nov. 11 at the Glendale Airport Veterans Day ceremony this year.