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Ganim re-hires old chief of staff

February 24, 2017 GMT

BRIDGEPORT - Mayor Joe Ganim has found himself a new chief of staff, by rehiring an old one.

Dan Shamus, who was the mayor’s second-in-command for a few years during his previous administration, is back.

“I am proud to be back working for my community,” said Shamus in a statement. “This role is familiar to me and I understand the responsiblity required.”

Shamus takes over the powerful position left empty since a staff shake-up in December that reassigned Danny Roach, who had been working as chief-of-staff since Ganim returned to office in December 2015. Shamus will earn $129,778.

Roach, a local bar owner who ran the mayor’s comeback campaign, was made a director of construction/special projects in the public facilities office.

Like Roach, Shamus was involved in the 2015 campaign. Both have been close to Ganim since he first ran Bridgeport from 1991 to 2003. But Shamus was also chief of staff from 1997 to 2000, leaving three years before Ganim was convicted and imprisoned for public corruption.

Prior to his first stint with Ganim, Shamus’ career was as an administrator for the city’s public schools.

That’s how Tom Bucci, a former mayor turned labor lawyer, got to know him.

“I’ve got the highest regard for Dan,” Bucci said. “He has a tremendous amount of experience leading organizations and tackling insurmountable problems. He brings experience to the position.”

Bucci said a mayor needs a good chief of staff to handle the day-to-day minutia and bureaucracy.

“I am looking forward to the leadership Daniel will bring to our administration,” said Ganim. “Daniel played an instrumental role during my previous years as Mayor. He is someone who has over 35 years of experience serving the Bridgeport community and cares passionately for its residents.”