Lanza’s former psychiatrist seeks diary of victim in sex assault case

July 28, 2017 GMT

DANBURY - Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza’s former psychiatrist, who faces charges that he sexually abused a client, is trying to get access to the victim’s diary.

Paul Fox, who is scheduled to appear Monday in Superior Court on several sexual assault charges, has filed several requests for the diary kept by a woman identified in court records as Jane Doe. She was an 18-year-old college student under treatment for depression and an eating disorder when he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with her, authorities said.

Fox began to have near-daily appointments with the woman in 2011, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

The woman told police she was “drugged up and out of my mind” on a cocktail of prescription drugs Fox prescribed, the document states. The sexual encounters occurred at his Brookfield office and on a sailboat he kept at Candlewood Lake, documents show.

Fox’s attorney, Steven Smart, claimed in court documents filed in recent months that his client cannot get a fair trial without access to the diary, which Smart claims contains information about the affair.

“Journal accounts describing her alleged relationship with the defendant and describing her account of the timing of the alleged events bears directly on the case,” one motion states.

The woman purportedly referred to the diary several times when speaking with state public health officials, Fox claims, including such comments that “he said he thinks about me more than he should” and “he said he had the urge to kiss me.”

Prosecutors have objected to the request, citing privacy rights guaranteed by the state and U.S. constitutions.

“This case involves a victim of sexual assault who has a reasonable expectation of privacy,” prosecutors wrote in court documents. “No third party, especially the victim of a sexual assault, should be concerned that their innermost thoughts and feelings might be accessible simply because they reported a crime that happened to them.”

Smart was not available for comment Friday.

State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky requested that a judge review the diary in chambers to determine whether it contains material that could be useful to the defense. A judge has yet to make a decision on the request.

Fox gave up his licenses to practice in Connecticut and in New York state in 2013, shortly after the allegations were made against him. He now lives in Maine.

Fox was Lanza’s primary psychiatrist during his adolescence, according to State Police records. The psychiatrist stopped seeing Lanza about five years before the December 2012 massacre at the elementary school.

Detectives investigating the shooting interviewed several of his former clients, one of which told investigators about the sexual relationship she had with him in 2011.