Biographies, children’s books ready to check out

November 14, 2017 GMT

When you listen to music do you focus on the melody or the lyrics? Which of those is more likely to grab your attention? For me, the lyrics are the most important part of a song. If the lyrics are not memorable and/or meaningful to me, I will forget the song.

But what about children’s books? Is it the text or illustrations that make a book memorable?

Being more visually-oriented, for me the illustrations in a book are the most important factor in making a children’s book memorable. A perfect example is “Our Tree Named Steve,” written by Alan Zweibel and illustrated by David Catrow. While the text is funny and touching, the illustrations are outstanding and make you want to turn the page just to see what Catrow came up with next. Other books he has illustrated that I have read include “Where’s My T.R.U.C.K?” and the Molly Lou Melon books.

In all, Catrow has illustrated more than 60 children’s books, and we have several at your library. Stop in and take a look. You are sure to chuckle at his amazing talent.

If you are looking for juvenile nonfiction books, your library recently added quite a few you might find interesting. Biographies include Cesar Chavez, Billie Jean King, Grandma Moses, Harriet Tubman, Sonia Sotomayor, Melinda Gates, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Michael Phelps and Jean Bartik. While most of these names will sound familiar to you, the latter is one I was unfamiliar with. Jean Jennings Bartik helped build and program the first all-electronic computer known as ENIAC in the mid-1940s. It is an interesting book that shows how far technology and women have come in the past seven decades.

Your library has several displays highlighting observances in November, including Veterans Day, Native American Heritage Month, National Novel Writing Month and Military Family Appreciation Month. Also on display are a few books dealing with opioids and the effect they have on society. There has been a lot of news lately about the opioid crisis in America, and there doesn’t seem to be any answers in sight. In a situation such as this, information and education are key to battling the problem. Stop in and take a look as some of the books and information sheets we have on this timely and important topic.