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Woody’s Sister Says Affair Was Error in Judgment

April 3, 1993 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Woody Allen’s sister called Allen a loving parent and said his affair with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter was ″an error in judgment.″

″I think it was inappropriate the way it happened, that it was Mia’s daughter,″ Letty Aronson said Friday under cross-examination about her brother’s affair with Soon-Yi Previn, now 22.

Aronson was called to the stand to bolster Allen’s side in his fight with Farrow, his lover for a dozen years, for custody of Moses, 15, Dylan, 7, and Satchel, 5. The first two are adopted; Satchel is the couple’s biological child.


Aronson detailed a February 1992 phone call from Farrow - just weeks after the actress learned of the affair when she discovered nude pictures of Previn in Allen’s apartment.

Aronson said Farrow claimed she was angry because Allen had ″taken great advantage of Soon-Yi.″ Farrow described the girl as a socially inept teen- ager, she said.

Farrow said ″her only surprise was that it was Soon-Yi and not Dylan,″ Aronson testified.

Farrow has accused Allen of abusing Dylan. Allen has said he was cleared by child-abuse experts at a Connecticut hospital. The report, which the couple asked to be kept secret, has been turned over to prosecutors deciding whether to bring charges against Allen.

The 49-year-old Aronson, who has three children of her own, praised her brother’s abilities as a father. Allen changed shooting schedules on his films to spend more time with the children, she said.

″He’s a very, very warm, loving, nurturing parent,″ Aronson said. ″He gives 100 percent of his attention. And he’s very, very loving.″

Aronson appeared on the witness stand after a child psychologist who treated Dylan testified the child has an unusually active fantasy life.

Dr. Nancy Schultz said she worked very hard to help Dylan develop a ″sense of connectedness″ and ″relatedness″ to other people.

Outside the courtroom, Aronson accused Farrow of ″brainwashing″ the children against Allen.

″I know how she’s brainwashing the children and has brainwashed them, and if the situation is not reversed, she will continue to not allow those children to have a real relationship with Woody,″ she told reporters.