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Plum School District to streamline teacher, family communication with Google Classroom

November 24, 2018 GMT

Plum School District officials believe a new learning management system will improve teacher and family communication.

Technology director Daniel Lauletta said staff currently use multiple systems for class content, materials and homework. When they begin using Google Classroom in January, everything will be standardized.

It’s described as a free web service developed by Google for schools to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments without paper.

“Being in the classroom and talking to the students, it’s been clear that Google Classroom helps make their lives easier because all of their school-related assignments and materials are in one place,” Lauletta said. “It also offers the parents access to see what’s going on in the classroom. It helps us become unified on locating information rather than using both traditional and digital data retrieval methods.”


Teachers will post class policies and procedures, syllabi, daily homework, long-term assignments and due dates, resources for additional help, a link to student grades and more on their Google Classroom site.

Links to all electronic textbooks used in class and video conferencing opportunities for parents also are expected to be available as a result of the change.

Every high school student received a Chromebook and each middle school student received an iPad this school year.

“The use of Google Classroom by all our teachers throughout the district will ensure that our students and their families will have the ability to access all their school work in one digital backpack instead of having to learn using multiple platforms,” Superintendent Brendan Hyland said. “We are confident these enhancements to the classroom environment will allow our students to become even more prepared for the digital world they will join.”

The projected launch date is Jan. 23.

“We thank our teachers in advance for their willingness to help our students and families stay connected to their classrooms and for putting our students first,” Hyland said.