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Thank you from Rory Erchul

May 24, 2018 GMT

With deepest gratitude and humility, a heartfelt and enthusiastic “Thank You” is owed to all who supported, helped and encouraged me in my campaign for County Commissioner, District 1. Without the support of my wife and family, friends and neighbors, and voters, the loss in the primaries would have been much more discouraging. Ironically, though I lost, I’m proud, fulfilled and happy for so many reasons.

To my wife and family – my rocks. You’ve always been there and believed in me no matter what. My heart is yours and thank you.

To my friends and neighbors - your kind words, encouragement, assistance, and support is amazing and I’m grateful for it. A special thank you to my Treasurer, as your friendship is a treasure.

To those who wrote letters of support, met with me for lunch and in parking lots, who put up signs, who called, and who donated financially to my campaign – I couldn’t have done it without you! I’m humbled and appreciative.

Having not run for political office or campaigned before, I’m delighted with what I’ve learned and my elevated appreciation for the process. This experience has reinforced the importance of being an educated voter and not simply filling in an oval because of name recognition. By not learning about the candidates, their experience and platforms, one is committing a grave injustice to the process and future of our communities.

Politics is a peculiar endeavor and can be dirty, personal and hurtful. I’m thankful my opponent and I kept it clean and both ran our campaigns with integrity.

First, I accept the disappointment and sadness but realize without losing, winning wouldn’t be so great. Next, I understand losing is essential to anyone’s success. The more you lose, the more you want to win! Lastly, I recognize I will not be defeated simply because I lost but would be defeated if I quit. And with that, Bannock County will see me again.

Rory Erchul,