Tony Robinson’s grandmother files complaint over Mike Koval’s behavior at June City Council meeting

August 15, 2016 GMT

The grandmother of Tony Robinson has filed a complaint against Madison Police Chief Mike Koval over his behavior at a June City Council meeting.

In the complaint to the city’s Police and Fire Commission, Sharon Irwin accuses Koval of 37 violations of city and police policies during both the June 7 meeting and during a conversation outside the City Council chamber in which he allegedly called her a “raging lunatic.”

The complaint accuses Koval of harassment, unprofessional behavior and disregard for rules, among other violations of city employee policies.

“Chief Koval repeatedly called me a “raging lunatic” in public with knowledge of my medically diagnosed (post-traumatic stress disorder) mental health condition,” the complaint said of their encounter outside the City Council chamber.

Irwin said she was asking Koval to clarify details of the investigation into the March 2015 shooting death of her grandson by a Madison police officer.

Koval made waves prior to the meeting when he published a scathing blog post, chastising council members for considering spending $400,000 on a review of his department’s operations and accusing them of not supporting police.

He followed up the written diatribe by nearly walking out of the meeting at one point, rolling his eyes at council members’ comments and striking a table in frustration.

Koval has since apologized to City Council members for his conduct during the meeting.

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