Kurt Krueger: Appoint Kelli Ward to Senate

December 8, 2018


I would like to respond to the “Appoint McSally as senator” letter in your Dec. 6 edition. In my opinion, and I’m sure others, absolutely not! I don’t care about McSally’s service in the military when it comes to politics, I care about her character. McSally was known to be against President Trump just like Jeff Flake. But, about halfway through her campaign, she changed. Then, her campaign targeted Kelli Ward as being anti-Trump, which was not true. Kelli Ward was a Trump supporter since Trump won the presidency (and possibly before that). Martha McSally blatantly lied about Kelli Ward. I saw this happen and so did Ward’s supporters. It was even mentioned on our local radio station that Ward’s supporters won’t vote for McSally for the very reason that she lied. So, if you take that “50% of voter approval” of McSally and subtract Kelli Ward’s supporters, that “50 percent” gets a lot smaller. If McSally is willing to lie to the electorate in her campaign, what else will she lie about and be a senator just like Jeff Flake? Kelli Ward has been honest to her supporters and they know it. If anyone is qualified to replace Senator Kyle, it’s Kelli Ward.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City