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This Year’s Folk Craft Area Draws Attention to Four Basic Techniques Underlying the Work of Traditional Master Artists -- Painting, Plaiting, Pounding and Pulling. These Ways of Working Result in Craft That is Functional, Decorative, Spiritual and Musica

July 26, 2018 GMT

See how icons and church interiors are painted to enhance spiritual practice. Observe how the plaiting of birch bark creates baskets and shoes.

Learn how the black ash splints of finely woven baskets are harvested and prepared.

Notice how the pulling of yarn through burlap creates the looped pile of a hooked rug.

Hear how the pounding of metal creates different pitches on steel pan drums.

Watch how pounding red-hot iron transforms a rod into a chisel.

You can even try your hand of some these techniques.

The crafts area, located in Lucy Larcom Park, is open Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 5 p.m.