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Hurricane JV tops Wood County Christian in soccer action

October 20, 2018 GMT

This week’s soccer game saw the Hurricane High School junior varsity team entertain visitors from Wood County Christian School on a cold, damp evening.

The Wood County Wildcats kicked off and for the first couple of minutes the game was played in the middle third of the pitch as both sides made a few passes and then lost the ball to their opponents. Then, in the third minute, Garret Napier for Wood County miss-hit a pass that was intercepted and sent out to the right wing where it was gathered by Hurricane’s Lucas Torres. Torres beat two players to take it to the edge of the area where he chipped it over the advancing Wildcats’ keeper to make the score 1–0 to Hurricane.

Wood County came back and tried to attack utilizing Camden Huck’s long throw to the remarkably fast and very determined Michael Cline, who was the visitor’s star player. Cline battled hard but could not get a clear shot on goal.

In the ninth minute the Redskins were awarded a free kick that was lobbed forward to Zach Green on the edge of the penalty area, Green avoided a challenge and shot only to see the ball go wide to the left of the visitor’s goal.

Ten minutes later Wood County were themselves awarded a free kick and surged forward but the kick passed over everyone and went out for a goal kick. For the next couple of minutes the ball once again stayed in the middle third of the field as each side kept losing possession. Then Green got the ball on the left side of mid-field, spun and hit a long-distance volley that hammered into the underside of the bar and bounced into the back of the net to make the score 2-0 to the home side.

Hurricane were retaining possession more and more now with Lucas Torres and Noah Ferrell outrunning and outmaneuver-ing the defense on the Wildcats flanks only to see their crosses intercepted or going astray. Both players were also helping out in midfield and, on 34 minutes, Torres was judged to have interfered with play when Wood County were trying to take a throw in and he was given a yellow card, which meant he missed one play.

Half time came with Hurricane having scored with their only two shots on target. The Hurricane keeper at that time had not been called on to make a single save and neither side had been awarded a corner.

The second half started with Hurricane kicking off but the Wildcats began with fresh determination and in the second minute of the half Michael Cline received the ball in his own half and ran the whole length of the field before losing it to a well timed tackle near the Hurricane goal line. A minute later Cody Tuley tried a shot from just inside the penalty area only to see the ball flash narrowly wide of the right hand goal post.

Wood County attacked again and after contesting the ball on the edge of the Hurricane area Ethan Thibault fell heavenly. Thinking the player was injured the referee blew to stop the game but Thibault was able to get up and the game restarted with a drop ball.

This was the visitors best period but Hurricane continued to contest the ball and after six minutes they were awarded a free kick in the centre of the field. Christian Johnson intercepted the kick in the penalty area, turned and chipped the ball over the Wood County keeper to make the score 3-0.

Once more the game became a mid-field tussle with both sides mounting attacks only to be thwarted by the opposing defense. This went on until the 18th minutes when Michael Cline of the Wildcats finally got the goal his unceasing efforts deserved. After some inter passing on the left wing he received the ball on the edge of the penalty area, avoid-ed a tackle and hit a low volley through a crowd of players and into the corner of the net, making the score 3-1.

Once again the game became a tussle for possession in the middle of the field with attacks from both sides breaking down in the face of very determined defending. Neither of the keepers had a shot to save, although the home side did force two corners which were cleared after goalmouth scrambles. Then, with just a few minutes to go Lucas Torres for Hurricane intercepted the ball in midfield and ran into the Wood County penalty area. He managed to avoid the first defensive tackle but the second was a badly timed attempt that sent him sprawling. The referee was right on the spot and immediately blew for a penalty to Hurricane.

Caleb White took the kick and made no mistake, sending the ball low into the centre of the goal to make the score 4-1 to the Redskins.

To their credit the Wildcats did come back with a late flurry but four minutes from time their star player, Michael Cline, went down heavily and had to leave the field with an injury.

That ended the action on the night. The teams were well matched but Hurricane’s quick, accurate passing and fast wing players proved the decisive factor and their victory was well deserved.