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County’s Trump Supporters Not ‘morally Bankrupt’

January 8, 2019 GMT

Editor: A recent letter, “Make America Sane Again,” made statements not based on fact (Dec. 25). Really quite “sad.” It called Luzerne County Trump supporters “morally bankrupt,” which is simply not true. Ronald Reagan said of the liberal left; “Most of what they know just isn’t so.” Reagan originally was a Democrat. My observation is that those who make the loudest accusations are the most guilty. The Democrats are always accusing the Republicans of things they themselves are guilty of. One of the biggest mantras Democrats use is: Tax cuts for the rich. Under Trump, everyone got a tax cut. Thank God Trump defeated Hillary. The lunatic left has yet to learn why. I used to be a Democrat. I would trust President Trump with my life. God bless America. Jonathan Kew KINGSTON