Sen. Sasse remains hopeful Congress will tackle health care

August 28, 2017 GMT

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse still holds out hope Congress will tackle health care, but he says talks need to look far down the road.

Sasse says incremental efforts won’t work.

“I want us to be having the debate now and have been wanting us to have the debate now about where we’re going to end up in five and 10 and 15 years,” Sasse tells Nebraska Radio Network.

Sasse says the country needs to be having a long-term conversation about what it would look like to get a system of affordable health insurance. He calls the current system a tax accident from the 1940s when corporations first received a tax break to provide health insurance for their employees. He says the system has worked well for large corporations, but has left farmers and small business owners out.


Changes in the economy have undermined the system, according to Sasse, who points out many workers now will change jobs a number of times during their professional life. Workers and families move more frequently now, even to other states and the current system has not adjusted to meet the new economic realities.

In addition, Sasse says the Affordable Care Act is not sustainable.

“Right now, the Obamacare marketplaces are collapsing and what the Congress is drifting toward is an insurer bailout,” Sasse says. “I don’t think that makes sense to the families that are struggling and I don’t think it makes sense to taxpayers.”

Sasse advocates a change allowing health insurance to follow Americans when they change jobs and when they move.