A Bucks County couple kept 31 cats in squalor. A new state law is helping prosecute them.

July 7, 2018 GMT

By Staff

The odor was so strong, Nicole Thompson could smell it on the first floor. By the time she and a Bristol Township Police sergeant had climbed two flights of stairs, “the smell of ammonia and feces made our eyes water and throats burn,” according to court documents. Then there were the flies, swarming in thick groups unnatural for November.

And when the door was finally forced open into the apartment  at Stonebridge Run, Thompson, a humane society police officer for the Bucks County Society for Protection of Animals, found 31 cats living in squalor, picking their way through trash and debris covering the floor, confined to using just two overflowing litter boxes. Five exotic birds – four macaws and a cockatoo – perched nearby, one so ill that it was euthanized not long after.


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