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Trump is acting more like a dictator -- Richard Bates

March 3, 2019

In 1943, when I became 18, I Joined the Army and was trained as an infantryman. After training, I was sent to Burma in a ranger regiment. I spent nearly a year fighting the Japanese through the jungles and mountains of Burma.

We fought to save our democratic way of life. That way of life includes a democratically elected government and Congress, which passes laws, and an executive who carries out those laws.

In less than two years as president, Donald Trump has become a dictator. He ignores the Constitution. He lacks political knowledge, so he makes poor decisions. He ignores advice from his government experts, but naively believes foreign officials and enemies. He is ignorant, incompetent, moody and cannot stand anyone who disagrees with him.

If he is not impeached by 2020, his supporters must join those of us who voted against him to remove him from office. At age 94, I cannot march or protest, but I am working on living long enough to vote against him in 2020.

Richard Bates, Baraboo