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$1.5 million in street repairs on tap for Norfolk

August 29, 2018 GMT

Beginning the first week of September, the City of Norfolk will embark on about $1.5 million in street repairs and improvements that will positively impact about 13.5 lane miles of city streets.

“Better streets are a community-wide priority,” said Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning. “This series of projects reflects a first wave of major repair and reconstruction work on streets throughout the city.”

To begin with, mill and overlay projects will take place:

— On Benjamin Avenue from Victory Road west to the railroad tracks.

— On Norfolk Avenue from Ninth Street to 14th Street.

— On First Street from Bluff Avenue to Northwestern Avenue.

— On McKinley Street from the Ta-Ha-Zouka Park sports complex to Fifth Street.

— On Fifth Street from McKinley Street to Jackson Avenue.

“Working against a backlog of great need, we are investing the resources necessary to establish an efficient, well-maintained roads system that serves the entire community well into the future,” Moenning said.

During the project, contractors will work under traffic. Each street will begin with full-depth concrete replacements. During this phase, entire lanes of traffic will be closed for more than a week in order for the concrete to properly cure.

The milling crews will follow about a week behind the concrete work. Lane closures will take place during their work, too.

After milling is completed, the asphalt overlay will be installed on the affected streets and lanes will open about an hour after a lane has been completed.

“The whole process will take approximately four to five weeks per section of road depending on weather,” Moenning said.

Daily updates will be provided on the City of Norfolk’s engineering website at www.ci.norfolk.ne.us/engineering. Citizens with questions also can call 402-844-2020.