Pitt assistant reflects on his time at Virginia

November 23, 2018 GMT

Preparing for Virginia brings back good memories for Pitt offensive line coach Dave Borbely, a former Cavaliers assistant.

“It’s very much like Stanford, only on the East Coast, he said, referring to the importance of academics at the school.

He said recruiting isn’t as difficult as the perception might appear from the outside.

“It isn’t from the standpoint that you know what you can recruit,” he said. “You just know you can’t recruit people who are not going to meet admission standards.

“There are guys you wish you could go after, but it really narrows your focus and in some respects makes it much easier. You end up not chasing a lot of what could be dead ends. You’re going after guys who can meet the academic requirements.”

Borbely said Virginia, which is aiming for its first winning season since 2011, wasn’t always an ACC doormat.

He was there when the Cavaliers went to the Gator Bowl in 2007 on a team that included eventual NFL first-round draft selections Eugene Monroe, Brandon Albert and Chris Long.

Borbely is expecting a large, enthusiastic crowd for the game Friday night, with first place in the ACC Coastal on the line.

“That hill (next to one end zone) will be full of students,” he said.

Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall knows there’s less time to prepare, but he likes the “novelty” of a Friday night game.

“There’s a sudden change and kind of a spark that’s added and maybe a different type of urgency around the office and the players,” he said. “I certainly would prefer Saturday as an every day of the season kind of approach, but I don’t mind Fridays, and I think there’s benefit to them on special occasions, especially if you’re playing well. So, we’re excited about it.”

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