Ad oversimplifies Vietnam conflict

April 30, 2017 GMT

Are You Kidding? Just in case you happen to see the absurd ad in the Sunday, April 23, Billings Gazette, apparently written by Dr. W. David Herbert, who insists on over-simplifying a major historical event by dragging up possible confrontations from nearly 50 years ago concerning Rob Quist and the Vietnam War, I would like to remind him that not all veterans were proud of their service in 1969. In fact, many intelligent young men were confused, depressed and angered by the entire event.

Eventually, Americans all over the country became increasingly repulsed by the nightly death counts, climbing fatalities and the graphic nature of war, which was transmitted, for the first time, directly into American living rooms. Overlooking the 58,000 American deaths in the Vietnam War (and for what cause?), many of the returning soldiers fought exposure to Agent Orange, drug addiction and the heartbreak of the My Lai Massacre, in which up to 500 innocent South Vietnam civilians, including women and children, were massacred by American troops.

With all due respect, Dr. Herbert, you might like to review your understanding of the Vietnam War and what America “gained” from the experience. Unfortunate as it may have been, when it comes to voting in the upcoming election, I will not be voting retrospective of some Vietnam vets being spit on almost 50 years ago. I will, however, be looking to the future by voting for a man who does not think that the world was created 6,000 years ago and that humans roamed the earth with the dinosaurs. Personally, I have chosen to vote for the candidate that will not subsidize the ludicrous nature of this current administration. Give me a break.

Gerald D. Cole