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January 4, 2019 GMT

Live within meansRe: “Raise gas tax to reflect true costs,” Editorial, Tuesday:So the gas tax needs to be raised because the government doesn’t have enough money to fix roads. Maybe if the state didn’t raid the fund for other stuff, it might. The government must give up wild spending. Perhaps Texas could learn to do more with less, like many of its citizens have had to do.Perhaps our elected representatives could stop posturing and do their jobs so no more children are injured or die.And for the uninformed, President Donald Trump has donated ALL his salary since he took office.Penelope TalleyRemembering SyneEvery new year when we sing that song at midnight, I remember that, as a kid, I was honoring the old codger who lived down the street. Mr. Syne had a funny name but was a truly nice man.Now, of course, the song provokes a lovely pause to recall those who influenced us and with whom we shared our lives — including the old codger who lived down the street.Clay McGaughyA good deedFeel great about yourselves.On Christmas morning, hoping for a stroll, I missed the entrance drive to Mud Creek Park. Perched on the curb and toward the embankment, our car was stuck. In less than a minute someone pulled over and offered to help. From across the street a young couple did the same. They directed our car back to the entrance drive safely.The day was saved through the kindness of strangers.Paul Debevec, Urbana, Ill.