USCA to request extended dining services contract

January 31, 2018 GMT

The University of South Carolina will ask the S.C. State Fiscal Accountability Authority on Tuesday to approve authorization for USC Aiken to solicit a contract for up to 10 years for food services on the Aiken campus.

The authority will meet at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday in the Edgar A. Brown Building in Columbia, according to the authority’s website at www.sfaa.sc.gov/meetings.

According to the agenda item for the meeting, “University officials believe a contract term of 10 years will attract better financial proposals and maximize its ability to attract proposals for improving its dining program including updating and improving existing dining facilities and equipment, and constructing a new multipurpose dining facility.”

The University of South Carolina asked the Division of Procurement Services “to assist in seeking Authority approval to authorize the University to solicit a contract for up to 10 years for Food Services at the USC Aiken Campus,” according to the agenda item.

The S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code limits the maximum time for any multi-term contract to seven years unless otherwise approved by the S.C. State Fiscal Accountability Authority, according to the agenda item.

In a letter in the agenda packet, Helen Zeigler, the University of South Carolina associate vice president for business affairs, wrote to the authority, saying that the current contract for food services received approval from the Budget and Control Board for a 10-year term and will expire on May 31, 2018. The letter requests “approval to solicit and award a new contract with a maximum ten-year term.”

In the letter to the authority, Zeigler wrote, “A longer period of investments to be amortized will attract better financial proposals enabling us to construct a new multipurpose dining facility and improve our existing facilities and equipment. It is anticipated that the successful contractor will be required to provide a minimum up-front investment of $2.5M to $3M. We will also require that the contractor make an additional $500,000 investment to update smallwares, equipment and facilities and that will improve the overall offerings of foods and variety of selections.”

“Due to the nature of this contract and the circumstances stated in this request, we believe it will be in the best interest of all parties involved to have a contract with a term of not to exceed 10 years to meet our dining needs.”

USCA currently has contracted with Aramark Inc. to provide food services on campus.