E-sports gaming event coming to Foster Elementary April 6

March 8, 2019 GMT

The Mason County Sports Hall of Fame is partnering with Safe Harbor Credit Union, GameStop and Backstage Hobbies & Games to host an e-sports gaming event on Saturday, April 6 at Foster Elementary School, 505 E. Foster St. in Ludington.

All games will be played on the Xbox One console and the game being featured is “NBA 2k19.”

Participants ages 18 and younger are welcome to come play for an opportunity to win a copy of the game and other prizes.

Children younger than 12 must have an adult present.

There is a $5 entry fee and the event will be limited to the first 100 players.


Registration forms can be turned in at GameStop, 4912 U.S. 10, or Backstage Hobbies & Games, 119 S. James St., Ludington.

This e-sporting event is a unique way Mason County Hall of Fame hopes to provide value to the community by providing a safe, fun atmosphere for kids to come together and have fun while learning life lessons and playing games.

The event is a way for the sports hall to live up to its new vision statement to “recognize outstanding athletes and contributors, share memories, preserve legacies, instill life lessons and add value to our community in unique ways.”

Organizers hope to turn the event into a recurring annual tradition.