Bob Diaco calls Blackshirts’ performance against Minnesota ‘spectacularly unacceptable’

November 12, 2017 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS — Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco shook his head, glanced at the ground, and was silent for a few moments.

“The whole day was just unacceptable,” Diaco finally said. “Spectacularly unacceptable. Terrible. Poor.”

After a week full of talk about teaching tackling, Nebraska failed time and time again to take down Minnesota’s running backs and quarterbacks. The Gophers ran for 409 yards on Nebraska. Demry Croft ran 10 times for 183 yards, a school record for a quarterback at Minnesota. Running back Rodney Smith had 134 yards on 24 carries, and Kobe McCary added 93 yards on 10 carries.

Entering the game, Minnesota averaged 173 rushing yards a game, 10th in the Big Ten. They more than doubled it against the Huskers.

None of what Minnesota did on Saturday was different from what Diaco and the defense saw on film this week.

“Not one thing,” he said.

Diaco said he would have to look at the tape before questioning the effort of his defense.

And from here, the main goal is to make sure this game doesn’t define the season, or the players.

“You have to give it its due, you have to give it its gravity and magnitude. But it can’t define who you are,” Diaco said. “I’ve been serving the game since I was a child and I’ve had very high moments, I’ve had extreme success. I’ve had average times, I’ve had below average times, and I’ve had terrible times and this would be one of those terrible, terrible moments.

“But, this moment can’t define these young men. This moment can’t define these players. This moment can’t define this staff. It’s just a moment. It’s a big moment. There’s no minimizing it here. It’s terrible.”