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Senator Sasse new assignment – Select Intelligence Committee

January 13, 2019 GMT

WASHINGTON D.C. - U.S. Senator Ben Sasse moved from the Armed Services Committee to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.

There are only 15 members of the Senate that has access to raw intelligence and Sasse is very pleased that he secured the vacant seat. He says this becoming a more important issue due to China and Russia.

Senator Sasse says, “We are about 30 years into cyber war but every year for the last four or five there has been an expediential growth in the number of cyber-attacks perpetrated against the U.S. and not just governmental entities but against unities and the financial sector. The deep fake attacks that are coming where you will see audio and video of stuff that looks like it happened. U.S. soldiers murdering a baby from around the world that didn’t happen but the audio and video will look real. This is a big problem because you have Russia and China with big capabilities.”


Sasse says Iran and North Korea are not far behind. With technology moving so face now is the time for Washington to take these threats much more seriously.

Sasse says there are currently 17 intelligence agencies and if you were rebuilding from scratch there would be between three and six. Sasse says that doesn’t mean there is a healthy redundancy but giant gaps in the information that is handed off to the national security space so there is a lot that needs to be rebuilt.

When it comes to proficiency in technology, the U.S. has the best available. However, Sass says, “We have the best offensive took kit in America but so many lawyers and so many bureaucratic rules and so little executive focus in the executive branch for a decade on this issue that we are not prepared to use our offensive tools nearly as well.” He says we are not good at this and don’t have a clear defensive theory on who is responsible for what.