Red flag law would take away rights -- Virginia Foulk

January 14, 2019

Wisconsin’s new Attorney General Josh Kaul is pushing for gun control against anyone who makes a mistake, the so-called “red flag” law that would let judges take firearms from people deemed a threat.

That’s like stepping on someone’s pride. A simple fight with a spouse or a neighbor -- even for standing up for your personal beliefs -- could get you in trouble, even if the reason is ridiculous. So if a spouse gets mad at a partner, now we can take their rights away. Nice.

Well, the Democrats lost my votes years ago, after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I’ve supported the Reform Party, and now I’m an independent -- so President Donald Trump and former Gov. Scott Walker got my votes. And I will continue to be against the Democrats.

They are no longer the party I believed in years ago. Enough of their dirty, anti-America, anti-freedom agenda.

Pushing the red flag gun law is wrong, wrong, wrong. It does not protect anyone except those who want to cause trouble for others. Enough.

Virginia Foulk, Mazomanie