Lackawanna County Court Notes 1/19/2019

January 19, 2019


• Courtney Ann Correll and Matthew Ryan Quirk, both of Scranton.

• Anthony Michael Terrinoni, Clarks Green, and Alicia Ann Rinaldi, Archbald.


• Frank and Jean Hubbard, Moscow, to B&B Realty Co., Moscow; a property at 403 Hideaway Drive, Moscow, for $315,000.

• M&T Bank, Getzville, N.Y., to 959 Wheeler LLC, Brooklyn, N.Y.; a property at 305 S. Irving Ave., Scranton, for $29,500.

• TJM Realty Inc., Carbondale, to Sean and Timothy Mangan, Carbondale; a property at 476 Dundaff St., Fell Twp., for $190,000.

• Sandra J. Evans to Patrick J. and Debra G. Nappi; a property at Luzerne Street, Scranton, for $150,000.

• Mary Ann Veno, as executrix and successor trustee of the estate of Kenneth C. Santarelli, also known as Kenneth Santarelli, Peckville, to Jason T. and Jessica D. Munley, Jessup; a property at 212 Riverside Drive, Blakely, for $75,000.

• Thomas Egan and Maura McGuire to Yulia Melnikova; a property at 1833 Price St., Scranton, for $35,000.

• Robert J. Holmes and Jeanne Massaro, Dunmore, to Westport Properties LLC; a property at 1723-1725 Vine St., Scranton, for $85,000.

• James and Mary Ann Knott, Scranton, to Robert Bronson, Scranton; a property at 711 Crown Ave., Scranton, for $32,000.


• Brian Shaughnessy, Scranton, v. Desiree Shaughnessy, Reading; married Aug. 1, 1993, in Scranton; Frank J. Santomauro, attorney.

• Catherine J. Costello, Greenfield Twp., v. Thomas A. Costello, Greenfield Twp.; married May 27, 2000, in Park Ridge, N.J.; Hughes, Nicholls and O’Hara, attorneys.


• Amanda Zavislak v. Mark Zavislak.

• Sandra Depietro v. Thomas Depietro.

• Lauren Tur v. Joseph Tur.

• Jaclyn Salierno v. Pietro Salierno.

• Ellen Sechler v. Ronald Sechler.

• Michele Cruz v. Harry Cruz.

• Melissa Cruciani v. Mark Cruciani.

• Charles Stevens v. Jessica Stevens.

• Victor Torres-Vazquez v. Nora Torres.

• Tamara Conrad v. Jesus Yail Seneriz.

• Bhavitaben Patel v. Sureshbhai Patel.

• Christina Corona v. Mario Corona.

• Bernadette Haller v. Paul Haller.

• Wellington Brown v. Alexa Brown.

• Brittany Semmel v. David Bennet Jr.


Judge Thomas Munley has issued the following bench warrants for failure to appear on fines and costs:

• Shynell Issac Walker, 11 Plum Place, Scranton; $1,131.50.

• Evaristo Ujque-Vega, 1324 Prospect Ave., 3rd floor, Scranton; $5,198.50.

• Tyler M. Strawdinger, 507 Cayuga St., Scranton; $691.

• Christopher Thomas, 111 Buchter Lane, Newfoundland; $4,961.59.

• William F. Thomas, 216 N. 4th St., Apt. 4, Allentown; $4,842.45.

• Robert Louis Stalter, 85 Main St., Dickson City; $1,722.71.

• Bishme Rodriguez, 319 Larch St., Scranton; $498.50.

• Ramon Leonard Rojas, 439 Alder St., Apt. 2E, Scranton; $4,416.

• Ian Ruddy, 711 Landis St., Scranton; $4,200.

• Nicole Santiago, 1309 Main Ave., Dickson City; $1,362.05.

• Nathan J. Sestack, 608 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles; $941.50.

• Erin B. Shea, 70B Arrowwood Drive, East Stroudsburg; $5,829.32.

• Terrance Harry Simmons Jr., 23 Spring St., Apt. B, Carbondale; $1,170.

• Joshua A. Sitkowski, 320 E. Elm St., Scranton; $535.

• Jessica Ann Skelton, 193 S. Sherman St., Wilkes-Barre; $2,681.

• Corey Thomas Smith, 809 Monroe St., Scranton; $498.50.

• Jeffrey Smith, 133 Rexford Court, Unit 2117, Myrtle Beach, S.C.; $72.

• Matthew Speck, 601 Moosic Heights, Moosic; $3,516.


The following were admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for driving under the influence:

• Joseph A. Zuchinski, 48, 201 E. Mary St., Old Forge, stopped Oct. 11, 2017, by Old Forge police.

• Jason Zaleski, 25, 1322 S. Webster Ave., Scranton, stopped July 3 by state police.

The following defendants were admitted to the ARD program for other crimes:

• Trevor John Turner, 23, 83 Seventh Ave., Carbondale, arrested April 22 by state police for a DUI, use/possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana, small amount for personal use.

• Richard Willard Vail Jr., 33, 19 Washington St., Carbondale, arrested June 21 by state police for a DUI and intentionally possessing a controlled substance by a person not registered.

• John August Engstrom, 63, 328 Beaver Run Road, Montrose, arrested March 23 by state police for a DUI, driving the wrong way and improper exit/enter — limited access highway.

• Jason Zaleski, 25, 1322 S. Webster Ave., Scranton, arrested Nov. 18, 2017, by Scranton police for simple assault, criminal mischief — tampering with property, aggravated assault and burglary — overnight accomodations; person present, bodily injury crime.

• Robert Cigarski, 43, 1675 Chase Road, Shavertown, arrested Sept. 16 by Throop police for terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another and harassment — communicating lewd, threatening, etc., language.

• Aidan Mitchell Marich, 27, 508 Georgetown Road, Apt. D, Charlottesville, Va., arrested June 10, 2017, by Moosic police for a DUI, accident involving damage to an attended vehicle/property and fleeing or attempting to elude an officer.

• Joseph Kenneth Stravinsky, 18, 822 Layton Road, South Abington Twp., arrested Aug. 19 by South Abington Twp. police for use/possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.


• Dominick Michael Totaro, 77 Wyndham Road, South Abington Twp., letters testamentary to Mary Theresa Mazur, same address, and Diane Nardella, 37 Wildernest Drive, Spring Brook Twp.

• Grace E. Schwenker, 730 S. Webster Ave., Scranton, letters testamentary to Wayne Beck, 105 Yesu Drive, Scranton, and Karen Lutz, 109 Peller Ave., Scranton.

• James J. Caria Jr., also known as James J. Caria, James Caria, Jim Caria, 920 Dunmore St., Throop, letters testamentary to Tina Caria Dutka, 609 W. Lackawanna Ave., Dickson City.

• James A. Wells, 4308 State Route 438, Dalton, letters testamentary to Lisa A. Wells, 52 Oriole St., Pearl River, N.Y.



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