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When it Comes to a Dog’s Health, It is Important to Support a Healthy Skin and Coat

November 14, 2019 GMT
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GARDENA, Calif., Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- This may come as a shock to some pet owners, but the average dog doesn’t have the ability to communicate if they’re feeling sick. It the responsibility of pet parents to pay attention to changes in their dog’s physical and emotional demeanor; as well as changes in appearance. Often times, symptoms of stress, allergies, or underlying diseases will present themselves outwardly on dogs.

Changes to a dog’s skin or coat often go unrecognized, as they may present themselves slowly over time. However, as show in this infographic, skin and coat issues can also be important indicators of more serious underlying health issues.

“We often write off issues pertaining to the appearance of our pet’s skin and coat, without realizing a lot is going on behind the scenes,” said David Louvet. “While a skin rash may be insignificant and end up disappearing after a day or two; it could also be a symptom of something internal, linked to the immune system. Skin allergies are one of the number one reasons for costly vet visits. Dogs rely on their skin and coat to keep them healthy. Their coat helps them regulate their body temperature, while the skin is the first line of defense against germs and other harmful pathogens.”

According to Louvet, it’s important for dog owners to understand and recognize the signs of early skin or coat issues. Paying close attention to changes in a dog’s appearance is the easiest way to support your dog’s overall health and avoid issues later in life.

In regards to a dog’s coat, owners should pay attention to changes in texture (brittle or coarse), hair loss, increase in oil production (greasy to the touch), dandruff, or any other noticeable, unexpected changes.

Maintaining healthy skin is of utmost importance to maintaining a dog’s overall health and should be treated with utmost care and concern. Signs that your dog is having issues with their skin include dryness, cracking, irritation, bumps, redness, and scratching.

“Poor skin opens the floodgates to multiple health issues. It can cause them to constantly scratch, causing painful hotspots. Or it can leave them susceptible to infections which can send their immune system into overdrive, causing uncontrolled inflammation,” said Matt Terrill

According to Terrill, there are several effective supplements that can help support an overall healthier skin and coat. For example, omega fatty acids are considered the building blocks of cell membranes. As well as CBD to balance and strengthen the immune system.

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