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LETTER: Solar campaign produces questions

March 24, 2019 GMT

Recent heavy advertising/promotions indicate that the use of solar panels is a version of theft, using power lines on a heavy basis without compensating the utility for the use of the lines. True? I don’t have detailed statistics, but basic research tells me that when solar homes require additional power, they buy it. When home solar systems amass additional power, they have the option to either store it - or sell it back to utilities (power that costs less for the utilities than what they would normally pay to generate it).

So, what’s my additional issue? My searches through the Internet give me no clue as to the origination of the “anti-solar” proponents.


Who are you? What’s your agenda? It appears to me you don’t want people to know who you are ... and that makes me severely doubt the veracity of your “argument.” - Tim Getty, Hinton, Iowa