Political establishment stalls Trump’s plans -- John Seidl

March 5, 2017

If nothing else, the presidency of Donald Trump has served to shed a broader light on the American political spectrum.

We already had the tea party, the never-Trumpers and the progressives at work. Out of the shadows have come the Obstructioncrats and the Resisticans. One group stomps and shouts and does everything possible to thwart any efforts by the administration. The other group passively drags its feet to make progress tiresome and frustrating.

One wonders what will happen with these divisive pouters. If President Trump’s agenda proves successful, will they go underground, fade to the fringe, or all just move to think tanks, news desks and talk shows? Of course, if they succeed in undermining Trump’s policies, they will likely slip behind the covering facade of their chosen parties. There they can gleefully take up the strings of government and politics that they have shared in such a self-serving manner for so long.

Hopefully they will be forced to remain in the light long enough for the American public to recognize them for the scurrying infestation they are. Then perhaps they can be politically eradicated and their institutional hovels can be sanitized.

John Seidl, Deforest

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