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Bryce Oxford on FFA Record-Breaking Membership

August 29, 2020 GMT

Oak Harbor, WA - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 28, 2020 -  Bryce Oxford has always had a love for farming, which led to a natural interest in the FFA. As the FFA membership reaches record-breaking status, more people are learning about the benefits of the FFA program. There are currently 760,113 FFA members. 

FFA Isn’t Just for Farmers

There’s a common misconception that you have to be a farmer to join the FFA. The truth is that FFA is open to anyone who wants to learn more about agriculture. Bryce Oxford explains that a foundation in agriculture can help prepare you for many careers that aren’t agriculture-related. These include business, communications, science careers, and veterinary practice. 


Bryce Oxford explains that FFA has something to offer anyone. The annual Agriscience fair has six categories. These include social science, power, technology and structural systems, and environmental services. FFA is just as relevant in the city as it is in rural farming areas, if not more so. It can provide an intimacy with nature that is often lost in the urban lifestyle, and help prepare kids for their future.  

Diverse FFA Membership

FFA membership has reached a record-breaking 760,113 members, but that’s not all. Bryce Oxford also points out the diversity of the FFA membership. There are currently nearly 116,000 Latino members and over 40,000 African American members. There are also over 12,000 Native American or Native Alaskan members. 

Besides ethnic diversity, 44% of FFA members are female, while 51% are male. There are also FFA chapters in nearly all the largest cities around the country, with 24 of 25 having an FFA chapter. 

FFA Benefits

The FFA provides many benefits. Bryce Oxford explains that FFA teaches many skills, including leadership and public speaking, in addition to hard agriculture skills. They also promote a healthy lifestyle, which Bryce Oxford supports. FFA encourages members to learn more about healthy choices. Understanding food and nutrition can encourage members to select real food over processed ones. 


However, the benefits extend beyond the classroom. The FFA Alumni Education Enrichment Program helps students select the best college path. Forever blue offers FFA Alumni discounts on many products and services. 

Bryce Oxford’s Love for Farming

Bryce Oxford was born in Oak Harbor, Washington. He has a lifelong love for farming that began with his childhood. He finds fulfillment in farming, and enjoys the reprieve from the fast lane. He lives in Oak Harbor and loves being close enough to the city while still enjoying the country life. He supports the FFA and enjoys seeing others find a love for agriculture.