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Stormwater Fee Appears To Be A Money Grab

January 25, 2019 GMT

Editor: The misnamed “stormwater runoff fee” appears to be nothing but a politically motivated grab of money, property and political power. It should be called an “impervious surface fee” and has nothing to do with runoff entering the watershed. Proof of that is the fact that boathouses at Harveys Lake, whose runoff goes from their roof directly into the lake, are being assessed for their so-called impact on the storm drain system. Harveys Lake has already established an 80 percent compliance with all DEP and EPA regulations so why are our council members so hell bent on entering into this contract? To begin with, there are some very troubling clauses in the contract. The first and most disturbing is the fact that Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority has the right to take over our sewer and stormwater system through a purchase agreement. This isn’t merely about the dollar issue, though the uncertainty of just how much this is really going to cost is cause for thought. Rather, it is about the Valley politicians and their appointed retreads, some of whom have proven they can be very controversial, reaching their tentacles out to the Back Mountain. I almost forgot to mention the $7,500 the borough was required to pay for “administrative fees” that was in the contract. I urge everyone, whether you are in the borough or any of the contiguous townships, to review the contracts subjecting you to such unreasonable conditions while holding your property as collateral to force you to pay up to something no one can explain. Bob Prescott HARVEYS LAKE