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FBI no longer does investigation

June 17, 2017

Since July 26, 1908, we have had the elite Federal Bureau of Investigation, an outstanding law enforcement agency of dedicated agents, staff and labs. Through the years, they have endured rogue agents, extraordinary captures, agents killed in the line of duty and kept this country safe for decades. While the Hillary Clinton investigation was ongoing, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked Comey, the director of the FBI, to refer to it as a matter, thus changing the FBI to the Federal Bureau of matters, unofficially, of course. The question that wasn’t asked of Comey was, “Mr. Comey, was that before or after Ms. Lynch spoke with former POTUS Clinton in Phoenix?” Does Sen. Gillibrand, D-NY, think her popularity in Hollywood will increase if she uses more profanity in her speeches about POTUS Trump now?

Joseph Mironack