Stolen manuscripts the focus of Grisham’s new novel

July 24, 2017 GMT

John Grisham’s latest suspense novel takes us to sunny Florida to a fictional place called Camino Island. The story revolves around a struggling young novelist, Mercer Mann, who is working to find five stolen manuscripts written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The story begins at Firestone Library at Princeton where Fitzgerald’s works are stored in a special place. These manuscripts are insured for the sum of $25 million.

A group of criminals decide to burglarize the library. By using several diversions they are able to steal all five Fitzgerald stories. Some of the criminal crew are captured.

The manuscripts wind up in the hands of Bruce Cable who owns a prosperous book store, Bay Books, in Santa Rosa Florida.

The FBI is hot on the trail of the Fitzgerald manuscripts. They know that Bruce Cable has the book manuscripts. The next thing that the FBI has to do is get someone undercover to locate the manuscripts.

The FBI finds Mercer and hires her to do the job.

This turns out to be an interesting book. The story takes several twists and turns, and has a very interesting ending.