Schools to celebrate “I Love Public Schools” day next week

January 18, 2019 GMT

Next week, schools throughout Nebraska will be taking some time to celebrate their accomplishments.

The fourth annual “I Love Public Schools” day will take place on Jan. 23.

The day was started by Nebraska Loves Public Schools, a video production company out Omaha. Since 2011, the organization has made more than 100 short films promoting public school, according to the organization’s website. These can be viewed on online at www.iloveps.org or on the group’s Youtube account.

Both Columbus Public Schools and Lakeview Community Schools have activities planned for the special occasion. This year, CPS will have special dress up everyday next week. Superintendent Troy Loeffelholz compared it to a spirit week.

“I Love Public Schools is a one day event, but we’re treating it as a week-long celebration,” Loeffelholz said. “I think we just need to celebrate who we are.”

Each students will be encouraged to wear different shirts throughout the spirit week. Monday is tie dye, Tuesday is blackout, Wednesday is orange, Thursday is whiteout and Friday will be for showing Discoverer pride with school gear.

Lakeview will have events only the day of. The district will conduct a social media blitz with posts on Twitter and Facebook about what students love about their school. Superintendent Aaron Plas said faculty are encouraged to wear jeans and school t-shirts, along with I Love Public Schools t-shirts on the special day. A short video will be produced by the district’s social media specialist to showcase the achievements of the district.

“Often times in public schools there’s bad press because of one school that does something wrong. I think it’s important that we tell our story,” Plas said. “I just want to highlight student achievement and all the great things that are happening, not only at Lakeview but in all the districts throughout the state of Nebraska.”

CPS Marketing/Foundation Director Nicole Anderson said CPS will be interviewing students, teachers and community members to capture what they love about public schools in a series of videos. These will then be played during the halftimes of sporting events throughout next week.

“The big thing is getting our kids to tell us what makes their school special, what motivates them to come to school every day, what gets them excited about being in the classroom and their teachers, and vice versa for the teachers,” Anderson said. “For me, the I Love Public Schools is all about celebrating diversity and opportunities. And that’s what we’ve got going on in our school system.”

Wednesday will also be the kickoff for the district’s participation in the Be Kind campaign. Loeffelholz said students and facility will be documenting random acts of kindness leading up to Natural Random Acts of Kindness day on Feb. 17.

Eric Schucht is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at eric.schucht@lee.net.