On fitness, San Antonio weighs in at 68

May 26, 2018 GMT

San Antonio has weighed in as one of the least fit cities in America.

San Antonio was the 68th fittest city in the American College of Sports Medicine’s 2018 rankings. The rankings were recently expanded to the 100 largest cities. We fell between Baton Rouge and Jersey City. Fine American cities, but hardly known for their physical fitness.

Arlington, Va. claimed the crown as America’s fittest city. Oklahoma City came in last. Plano, ranked 12th, was the top Texas city. Take that, Austin.

Our fitness failings are many, apparently. While many of us exercise regularly, we don’t tend to really push ourselves. We don’t eat enough fruit and we should eat more veggies. We have a fairly high obesity rate, and, in turn, have high blood pressure and a high rate of diabetes. This can spill into mental health.

We could use more parks and ball fields. We could use more biking and walking trails, and our public transit network is in many ways obsolete.

These are the findings of the rankings, and, unfortunately, we can’t say they are too off point. In a recent editorial, we suggested making Síclovía a quarterly event simply to showcase how San Antonio is a place where people can exercise outside year-round (but probably early in the morning during summer).

Let’s get fit, San Antonio.