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Bitcoin Storm Review - Safe for Investors?

August 14, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 14, 2020 - Bitcoin Storm has made the top list as one of the popular automated cryptocurrency trading systems in the world. On the website, there is a list of countries where the crypto trading platform has been launched. The number of countries on that list is over 100, which makes Bitcoin Storm eligible for higher recognition.

The Bitcoin Storm trading system is characterized by different features that have been examined in this review. The idea is to examine all the information about Bitcoin Storm that is online to know if it is worth an investor’s time and money.


Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm was launched in 2018, according to the information published on the official website. The system features a list of tools used for remote trading, which includes a trading robot.  Bitcoin Storm has evolved to become a trading robot that opens up the cryptocurrency market to everyone who wants to start making a daily income.

For many investors, using Bitcoin Storm is all about generating passive income. It is a smart idea; passive income can be added to a regular income to make the investor’s life better. For a long time, the crypto market reports indicate positive trends. This is a good time to start trading cryptocurrencies with smart systems such as Bitcoin Storm. However, it must be known that not all crypto trading systems work as expected.

The case may be much different with investors who trade with Bitcoin Storm. This is a perspective supported by the fact that analytics reports have shown that the accuracy score for the Bitcoin Storm trading robot is 99.3%, it is so high. This is evidence that supports the claims by other users who have been writing positive comments about Bitcoin Storm. The majority of the users claim that they earn a profit every day. Visit to check out their auto trading platform.

Starting capital

The auto trading cryptocurrency system has been designed to accept a low starting capital from registered users. With a minimum deposit of only $250, anyone can start trading with Bitcoin Storm. Offering a low starting capital has been one of the main selling points we have seen on the internet. While other crypto trading systems demand up to $2,000 as the minimum deposit, Bitcoin Storm has made it possible for more investors to achieve their dreams of trading cryptocurrencies with only $250.


The trading robot

It is actually a virtual trading robot. It works silently and quickly to scan the crypto market, detect good deals, and complete the transactions. The trading robot on Bitcoin Storm works independently. However, it is stated on the official Bitcoin Storm site that the brand is affiliated with professional brokers who have been trained to monitor the independent selections made by the trading robot. The reason for involving the brokers is explained to potential investors who are thinking of trading with Bitcoin Storm.

The brokers offer additional advantage that can increase the earnings of users. An example given is that when the crypto market trends change suddenly, which is a common occurrence because the market is volatile; the brokers can initiate general stop-loss measures that will protect the investors’ funds.

The process of becoming a Bitcoin Storm account owner

Unlike what has been encountered on many crypto trading platforms, it is quite easy to start trading with Bitcoin Storm. The trading system offers users a fast registration process. The owners of Bitcoin Storm claim that it is possible to complete the account registration process in less than three minutes. This claim has been backed by many active users who are impressed with the quick registration process.

Transferring funds into a registered Bitcoin Storm account is the next step after the application to register a new account has been approved. New users can select from a list of online payment options to make a deposit. The fastest means is by authorizing a direct bank transfer; however, there is no statement on the site that suggests a preferred means to make a deposit. All the options work perfectly.

The live trading session is the last phase and a user’s first-hand experience with the Bitcoin Storm trading robot. The description of a live trading session on the site is encouraging. It depicts a smooth crypto trading experience that anyone would enjoy. The live trading session can be activated with a click. After it is activated, the users are supposed to sit back to watch how the trading robot makes them richer. On the other hand, investors who have other things to do can simply set the alarm to remind them of the time to end the trading session while they go about doing other important things.

The live trading session is ended with a simple click on a tab.

Automated payout system on Bitcoin Storm

The regular users keep talking about the automated payout system, they think it is a brilliant idea that the developers have introduced to the Bitcoin Storm crypto trading system. From the information gathered, it is known that the trading system automatically calculates the users’ earnings and performs a transfer to the user’s Bitcoin Storm account. It is also indicated that the payout is a fast process. It is another one of the convenient features that have made the active users of Bitcoin Storm content with the services they are getting daily.

No hidden fees on Bitcoin Storm

After a user makes a profit at the end of the live trading session, the system is programmed to take a percentage of the user’s profit. This is a standard service charge for using Bitcoin Storm. This is the only reported deduction made on a user’s account. There is no other indication that fees are charged when a user activates a live trading feature. Bitcoin Storm has been described as one of the most transparent crypto trading platforms that exist. It is fair to have a transparent crypto trading system to build trust with all users.

Regarding accessibility, many of the Bitcoin Storm users have confirmed that they are more comfortable with using their crypto trading accounts on a laptop. However, the trading system has been confirmed to be compatible with mobile phone browsers as well. It is good to have that option open in case of emergencies when the user will need to check the status of a live trade session on their smartphone.

Bitcoin Storm – Conclusion

The general information accessible on the internet and official Bitcoin Storm site indicates that it is a fair crypto trading system that has been created to provide an equal opportunity for all interested investors to earn a regular income from the crypto market. While the trading system has been hailed as one of the most effective and reliable, there have been some complaints from users who would like to have more contact with the admin team managing Bitcoin Storm.

Read more information about Bitcoin Storm on the official website.