Ayda Field ‘loves’ Robbie Williams’ hometown of Stoke-on-Trent

November 28, 2018

Ayda Field loves Robbie Williams’ “idyllic” hometown.

The ‘X Factor’ UK judge - who appears on the panel alongside the ‘Let Me Entertain You’ hitmaker - has revealed she is a huge fan of the English city of Stoke-on-Trent, even if she saw a different side to it during a family visit.

Speaking on the ‘Is It Just Me?’ podcast, she said: “When we first got together, he showed me Stoke-on-Trent on Google Earth. I went, ‘It looks idyllic, babe’.

“Rob was like, ‘I don’t know whether idyllic is the word’... Rob had just got the key to the city and we took [our daughter] Teddy to the park and we were having this really lovely moment.

“There were kids and one of these kids was riding a bike. Robbie said, ‘It was sweet growing up here, it was really nice’.

“And just as he said that, the other kids knocked the kid off the bike, beat him up and stole his bike. We laughed, naturally.”

Despite the somewhat rude awakening, Ayda - who was born in Los Angeles, California - still praised the city, and admitted even she gets feelings of nostalgia when she’s there.

She added: “I love Stoke-on-Trent, it is where Rob grew up. He gets nostalgic there, I get nostalgic there, but it is very different from Beverly Hills.”

Ayda hasn’t hidden her love for the UK and its culture in the past, and she recently revealed she is a big fan of Britpop icons Oasis, despite their issues with her husband.

After a performance of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by ‘X Factor’ finalist Anthony Russell, she said: “Anthony, I agree that is the song I’ve been waiting to hear. It’s got the grit, it’s got the indie Northern vibe. I love Oasis! and I’m just really happy seeing you on that stage giving that performance.”

Earlier this year, Liam Gallagher rubbished the idea of ever collaborating with Robbie, saying it wouldn’t be a “wise move”.

The outspoken rocker shot down Robbie’s suggestion that they should put their feud behind them and record a song together.

When Liam was told that the ‘Angels’ hitmaker was eager to work with him, he replied: “I’m sure he does. It’s not happening, is it?”

Although Liam acknowledged that they’ve both matured over the years, he didn’t express any enthusiasm for a collaboration.

He said: “We grow up and do our thing, but I don’t think me and him singing together would be a wise move.”

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