The Brodeckis are Darlington Raceway newbies

September 2, 2018 GMT

DALRINGTON, S.C. Dave and Pat Brodecki move to North Santee, South Carolina about three years ago from south New Jersey.

This year, they discovery the likes of Darlington Raceway.

“This is the greatest experience we’ve ever had, this is awesome,” Dave said. “So many events here and the people are so awesome.”

Dave is not a traditional NASCAR fan, watched it back in the day.

“I was a Dale Sr. fan,” he said. “After Dale’s passing, I left NASCAR for a while.”

They pull for Brad Keselowski now.

His wife Pat simply enamored with the entire situation.

“The people are awesome,” she said. “The comradery of all the people here so close together. It’s just like family and I’ve never met them before.”


The couple are equally impressed with their new home.

“South Carolina is the best hidden secret in the world. We don’t regret moving here,” they said.