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Orchids and Onions: Monday, February 25, 2019

February 26, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the Winterfest booth that would not allow us to post our little sign advertising our upcoming fundraiser. And they have been the recipient of some of our intake in years past. No more.

Orchids to Premier Golf Cars for your business professionalism making a bad situation into a pleasure to business. Five stars! Patti

Onions to the water shortage that is only going to get worse. Two words that if heeded would help immensely. Stop building!

Orchids for Brandi at Bradley Ford. She saved my car again. What a gal!

Orchids to the nice gentleman at Bashas on Saturday that left $29.18 at the cashier stand to pay for my groceries because I let him go in front of me. Your generosity will not be forgotten. May God bless you? Kathy

Onions to the private clubs who forget who supports them all year, when the winter visitors are gone. They bring revenue to your facility which is great, but don’t throw your locals under the bus...were here all year long to support you!

Orchids and kudos too! Recently the Curb Appeal team did a marvelous job on Osborn Drive, making our ugly gray-and-white spotted driveway look “appealing” again! Very please customers, G and C

Onions to bike riders on the island that don’t follow rules of the road! Bikes go clockwise, walkers go counter clockwise! We need a peddle cop!

Orchids to Dr. Aliyar and Kelly. Thanks for restoring my faith in doctors. My mom had an emergency and was not getting the help she needed through various doctors and hospital. This man and his office took us immediately and was able to prevent a possible catastrophe. God bless this man.

Onions to the office manager at the doctor’s office. I’m a patient and I am disgusted by how you speak to the office staff and also to patients (including myself). You, my dear, need to learn some manners and what true customer service is.

Orchids to the air show in our own back yard! Love seeing the military, both American and Canadian, do their amazing drills. God bless our military and the freedom they provide!

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