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State Senator John D’Arco Convicted in Bribery, Corruption Trial

December 7, 1991 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) _ Sen. John D’Arco Jr. was convicted on charges of attempted extortion and falsifying taxes in connection with allegations the 16-year member of the Illinois Senate tried to trade his influence for cash.

D’Arco, assistant Senate majority leader, faces up to 45 years in prison, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Durkin said after Friday’s jury verdict.

Sentencing for the Chicago Democrat was set for April 30 before U.S. District Court Judge George Lindberg.

D’Arco was accused of taking $7,500 from Frank Cooley, a longtime friend who was secretly taping conversations as a government ″mole.″


The senator was accused of promising to grease special-interest insurance legislation through the Illinois General Assembly in return for money.

Defense attorney Edward Genson conceded D’Arco accepted money from Cooley but said some was a legal retainer and that D’Arco didn’t keep the rest but only passed it as a bribe from Cooley to former Cook County Circuit Court Judge Anthony Scotillo.

D’Arco must give up his Senate seat upon sentencing and an election will be held to fill the seat, said Darrell Widen, legal counsel to Senate President Philip Rock.